Mainstream autism organisations and the Cis-gender narrative…

In very recent years, I have seen this Tendency for autism organisation’s like the NAS (National autistic Society) to speak about they are starting to recognize women/female’s who were once upon a time denied an autism diagnosis or gained an diagnosis later on in life, when it was too late to subjugate them to the holy grail of autism interventions that is ABA (Autistic conversion therapy), like it’s a radical thing. Expect that it’s not, when we playing to rules of the Cis-gender narrative. What is the Cis-gender narrative, you may ask?

It’s everywhere. The narrative exists in order to place people into two boxes. Male and Female, boy or girl, man and women. Ever wondered why pubic toilets are gendered into two bathrooms? Boys pee in one room, girls pee in the other. Or an other example, have you wondered why filing in a form there is only the option to tick male and female? This is the cis narrative at work and why does it work? Because it’s easier for our society to place people into two categories based on the genitals we are born with at birth and thus assigning people into male (born with penis) and female (born with vagina). This however erases, trans, non-binary, genderqueer, intersex and other marginalized groups that do not comply to this narrative.

According to the CDC (Centers for disease control and prevention) , 1 in 68 of us are been identified as having ASD, and is 4.5 times more common in “boys” (1 in 42) than among “girls” (1 in 189). The problem here is that what do we mean by “boy” and “girl”. We are not referring to how they identify or how they define their gender, but how our cis dominated society choose to define gender which as mentioned above is based of content of genitalia. Take myself for example, I was was assigned male at birth and am a women. Can you see the problem here? I’m in the 1 in 42. I’m on the wrong side of those numbers. I am a “boy”. Given the fact that they are studies being done that seems to show a large number of people who are both autistic and transgender, it makes me wonder how many of us are on the wrong side of those numbers? It also saddens me how of course doesn’t factor in non-binary autistic’s.

So when the great and powerful NAS, the Autism society of America and Autism S***ks mention girls and women, they are not talking about people like me. They are talking about people who have vaginas. They are reducing people to the content of their genitals. Which is not only sexist, it’s cis-sexist. It appears these organisations (like the liberal feminist movement) are only interested in getting white/cis/middle class women (cough, cough Temple Gradin) to speak on their podiums about how they are finally listening to women after all these years, whist counting the money they have made from their latest scam (donate to us and we will cure your child) and ignoring the voices of many women who have something to offer to the conversation.

Now I know, what some of you must be thinking. “Biologically male/female, Male brain bla,bla,bla bla…” It’s bullshit. There is no such as male or female autism. We like to say there is to justify the cis-narrative. Putting people into two boxes. But what we actually doing, is policing how all of us, women and femmes especially must preset autism to a outside world in order to be valid.
“Men” are more withdrawn, whist, “women” are more social.
“Men” show less emotions, whist “women” are more emotional.
“Men” are more rigid, whist “women” are less rigid.

This isn’t autism talking, this is patriarchy talking. If you look closely enough, you’ll see we say the same things about allistic/NT “men” and “women”. I’m not saying let’s not talk about the huge bias towards Cis men that the autism diagnosing process has. I’m not saying let’s not talk about autistic women and girls. But let’s do this that doesn’t erase anyone. Let’s include all autistic girls, including trans-girls. And whilst we are at it, lets acknowledge the existence of other genders. Let’s be a fuck load more inclusive than what we have been.


Why this blog exists…

It’s a sad reality that I feel the need to make this blog, as they are so many people on this rock that we call Earth that believes that the life of a disabled person is of no greater worth than the life of none disabled/abled person.

Speaking as a disabled person myself, I see the harmful anti-autistic propaganda that the likes of autism sp***s promote against people like myself. I hear the word’s on Parent support groups “I love my child. But I hate his/her autism”. “If there was a cure for my child, I would take it in a heart beat.” “Autism has robed me of my child.” Parent’s, I hear you very loud and clear. All of us from the autistic community do.

When we hear about disabled people in the media we are erased from our own stories. We are not the protagonists. We are not even allowed to narrate our own existences. We are rejuiced to object’s of fear and pity that can used to benefit abled people one way or another.

When people are killing us, the people who are treated as victims are our killers, because living with a disability is such a horrible thing to bare and it must have been so hard looking after us.

This is why this blog exist’s.